Technical Mentoring

Quality Learning

ADVAYA is a group of technology experts including Solution Architect, System Architect and Enterprise Architect. Who impart specialized / personalized training for working professionals on various architectural topics. It includes complete end-to-end solutioning of large applications.

We create training course-ware after discussing with individual or group of people to understand their needs. Primarly we include UML (Unified Modelling Languge), OOAD (Object Oriented Analyis and Design), Design Patterns (GOF), UI Pattern (MVC, MPV, MVVM), Service Pattern, Business Layer / Data Access Patterns, OOPs (Object Oriented Programming).

On demand basis, we do evaluation of applications to find out bottlenecks and provide solution / strategy to resolve them efficiently. The strategy / solution includes deployment enhancement, componentization of application, selction of efficient techinlogy at component level and build / configuration setup.

We also help companies / teams to define best development practices / guideline.

Strategic Platform Decisions